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School Council Constitution 2018 to 2019

This is our current School Council Constitution, which has been agreed by all members of our School Council.  It is updated each academic year.

Councillors and their behaviour and attitude

Councillors, as representatives of pupils of the school agree to maintain the highest standards of behaviour.

A councillor, once elected will be on the school council for one year.

Pupils can stand for election to be councillors as often as they want while they are part of the school.


The councillors will treat with politeness any visitors to the meeting.

The council shall be made up of two representatives from each class.  In Year 6, there will be four representatives.

Voting and selection procedures

A councillor may be voted off the council if their behaviour in school becomes a problem.

The Chair and Vice Chair will be decided by democratic voting in Year 6.

The link teacher is not allowed to vote in school council meetings.

All decisions taken at school council meetings shall be by show of hands with votes for and against recorded.

The Secretary and Treasurer will be decided by democratic voting in Year 6.

If a vote is a tie, the chairperson will have the deciding vote.

Structures and procedures at school council meetings

The agenda will be decided in advance by the chairperson, the secretary and others who the chair chooses.

The link teacher will have the right to prevent the school council making a decision that s/he considers is not the responsibility of the council or within its powers to decide.

Minutes will be taken at every council meeting and every decision made will be carefully written down.

The council must make sure that all people likely to be affected by a decision are informed first and have a chance to comment.

The chairperson is in charge of the school council meeting and has the right to silence people or remove them from the meeting if they are behaving badly.

The link teacher will have the right to prevent the school council discussing any issues that s/he believes the council do not have the right to discuss or the power to do anything about.

Meetings will only occur when the link teacher is present.

The council will invite a wide range of people to meetings to help the councillors make the best decisions.

School council meetings will be held at least once a month.


Promoting the school council: giving the school community a voice

There will be a class council meeting in each class before a main school council meeting for children to make comments to their councillors.

The school council will have its own section in the monthly school newsletter.

The school council will have its own section on the main school website.

School council rights and responsibilities

  • All members of the school will be informed of the decision the council has taken.
  • The council will have a responsibility to help the school become more environmentally friendly and will work with the school Eco Team as necessary.
  • The council will have an account but can only spend money with the agreement of the Headteacher.
  • The council will have the responsibility to think of ways to help the local community become a safer, healthier and more peaceful place to live in.

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